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Senior Solidity Software Engineer

Tokemak - Remote
Posted: 7 months ago

As a Senior Solidity Software Engineer, you will help Tokemak build the future of liquidity infrastructure within Web3/crypto.


  • Develop and deploy smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain using Solidity
  • Assist with the architecture and design of advanced DeFi centric smart contracts
  • Write and maintain tests using the Foundry toolkit to ensure the reliability and efficiency of the smart contracts


  • 2+ years Solidity experience, including deploying contracts to mainnet
  • Deep understanding of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, including gas optimization tradeoffs and security best practices
  • Experience building in DeFi, managing a protocol with significant TVL is a plus
  • Interested in Ethereum research and trends including L2s and ZK rollups
  • Familiarity with the Foundry toolkit, or similar framework
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