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NFT Senior Backend Engineer - North America, Remote
Posted: 6 months ago

If Bitcoin formed the internet of money, NFTs form the internet of value. Everything of value in the physical world will be represented in the digital world in the form of a token - all physical value can be tokenized. The growing NFT industry, which sales in 2021 exceeded $2.5B, needs infrastructure to support its growth and we intend to build services and important infrastructure for this fast-growing ecosystem.

We believe that NFTs will become the standard for digital assets such as art, music, in-game items, items in online games, as well as items in the eventual metaverse. And, over time, we believe this will only grow, and NFTs will play a central role in how fans support their favorite creators and communities.

Our team is rapidly growing and aims to build the largest creator economy on the internet, powered by independent creators, digital goods, and NFTs. We are looking for strong engineers and leaders to help us seed the team, set its strategy, and build for the future. If you ask us, the NFT movement has only just begun, so come and join our team to get started.

We offer:

  • A dynamic environment, with a large amount of autonomy
  • A place where your ideas are listened to and acted upon as a collective
  • Build using the latest technologies
  • Use and publish open source software
  • Fully remote (must live/work from US, Canada, or Puerto Rico) with the option to live and work from San Juan, Puerto Rico (our headquarters)
  • The company will cover 100% of the employee's premium for medical, dental, and vision
  • $1K HSA contribution over the course of the year
  • We provide a quarterly, all-expenses paid trip to Puerto Rico, to sync for team bonding activities

Our tech stack:

  • Languages: Typescript, Go, GraphQL, Rust, Solidity
  • Infrastructure: AWS, Postgres, Pulumi, Datadog

You will find it easier to do your job if you have the following qualities:

  • Building large scale services that operate in a distributed environment
  • Public cloud experience (AWS preferred; however, GCP, & Azure acceptable)
  • Experience with technologies like oAuth, paxos, RAFT, etc.
  • Crypto / Blockchain development experience preferred (smart contracts, oracles), but not required
  • Experience working in a fast-paced environment is a must
  • A team-player mentality - development is a team sport here
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