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Senior Blockchain Developer

Nodle - Remote
Posted: 2 years ago

For this role we are ideally looking for a candidate able to work +/-4 UTC+12:00 working hours.

About Nodle

Nodle was founded in 2017 by Micha Benoliel and Garrett Kinsman as a connectivity provider for the Internet of Things.

Nodle has built a Bluetooth Low Energy - powered network to solve global challenges through connectivity.

Our network and products help companies and cities more effectively connect and collect data from their devices, sensors, and tags.

Nodle gives everyone access into the cryptocurrency space without the need of prior crypto investment knowledge or data farming. Everyone can participate by using the Nodle Cash App or one of our SDK partnered apps.

In more detail…the Nodle Network’s architecture and system design leverage what is called “The Smartphone Infrastructure”, utilizing smartphones as nodes and base stations for the network. In return, users and developers are rewarded with Nodle Cash.

The Role

We are looking for a Substrate expert to join our global team as our Senior Blockchain Developer. This role will report directly to our Head of Blockchain. In this role, you will work closely with the Mobile and Network Services (IoT) teams to maintain, secure, and develop our native blockchain (Nodle Chain) as well as write tests for our chain code. You may have to develop some micro-services that will interact with the Nodle Chain.


  • Architecture design: you may have to design your own services and pallets.
  • Documentation: you will have to document your own work to collaborate with your peers
  • Development: you will have to implement your own pallets and micro-services, you will write unit tests for them as well as mocks.
  • Leadership and mentorship: you will be reviewing pull requests and interacting with your team members to make them benefit from your experience and advice.

About You

  • You are passionate about solving complex problems. You like coming up with new solutions to problems that were not solved before. You feel stimulated when you have to solve problems, no challenges are too concerning for you.
  • You are a technical expert. You have helped build highly scalable platforms, and deploy secure infrastructure. You are currently involved in highly technical discussions and architecture decisions. You will be the person that the teams look up to both technically and for strategic direction. You need to be well versed in cryptography, have a good understanding of crypto networks, and expert in cloud computing.
  • You are humble. You view product development as a team effort, and you foster this environment within your teams. No job is too small - for you or for anyone on the team. You lead by example by rolling up your sleeves and contributing tactically if that’s what your team needs.

Must have:

  • 2+ years of experience working on Polkadot & Parity Substrate
  • 2+ years of experience coding in RUST
  • 2+ years of experience working on blockchain projects
  • Experience working with remote teams
  • 1+ years of experience working on token-based projects
  • Demonstrate experience working with TDD (Test Driven Development)
  • Must be a fan of automation
  • Experience with Docker and Containerization technologies
  • Great communication skills

Working at Nodle

The Nodle team is now a group of 40 experts in varied fields such as cryptography, finance, operations, blockchain, wireless protocols, and mesh networking. While originally founded in San Francisco; Nodle is now a fully remote company.

We won’t try to convince you why you should work here. Instead, let us share with you why our team loves working here.

There are 3 main things that sets apart as an employer.

  • Our team members are encouraged to experiment. Try new things, think BIG and be creative in a no-blame environment that tackles challenges constructively.
  • We don’t really care where you work, when you work or how you work. As long as the work gets done. No micromanaging here, just accountability for your performance.
  • Our team is very diverse, fun and cool (casual environment) but also extremely brilliant (we like to impress each other).
  • The most important share values at Nodle include: Innovation, Resilience, Team Work, Drive, Polymathy, Integrity.
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