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Blockchain Engineer

LUKSO - Remote, Germany
Posted: 2 months ago

As a Blockchain Consensus Engineer in the MainNet Team at LUKSO, you'll be working on the core tech of a Layer 1 Blockchain: the consensus layer which is based on the ETH2 Proof of Stake Consensus. You will do so by developing and maintaining network protocols, consensus algorithms and latest achievements in sharding research. You will be surrounded by an experienced team of professionals and learn in a very quick pace to become an expert in the area.

LUKSO is focused on bringing blockchain technology to its next frontier with new tools and standards that will revolutionise the way the world interacts with blockchain. Creators and users will be able to have a seamless Web3 experience with LUKSO's future-proof solutions and we welcome talent around the world to join us in building the most innovative tools for the New Creative Economy.

LUKSO was Co-Founded by Chief Blockchain Architect, Fabian Vogelsteller, author of ERC-20, ERC-725, Web3.js, Mist Browser and former Lead Dapp developer of Ethereum and Marjorie Hernandez, an early blockchain strategist working with Ethereum, IOTA Foundation and world-renowned brands, who also Co-Founded THE DEMATERIALISED.

LUKSO is now being developed by 60+ people around the globe and we are looking for motivated and passionate people who are up to the task of joining us in building out the foundation for the New Creative Economy and the apps that power it.

In one year you’ll know you were successful if you’ve

  • Helped to construct and improve the LUKSO Blockchain consensus (long-term).
  • Worked alongside the Ethereum consensus community and help improve the Casper consensus and sharding proposals for the LUKSO Blockchain and the wider Ethereum ecosystem.
  • Built relationships with partnering teams, product managers, founders and designers, resulting in better collaboration, aligned roadmaps and confidence.
  • Kept on top of Eth2 Development, with proposed hardforks by Ethereum, to ensure our network is fully up-to-date.

A background like this helps:

  • Professional experience and expert knowledge about Blockchain Consensus with Eth1/Eth2 particularly its current status and roadmap.
  • Knowledge about Casper FFG Proof of Stake on EVM networks.
  • Strong understanding of Blockchain Cryptography, Distributed Systems and Networks.
  • Strong ability to communicate among a team of peers and to document your work well.
  • Creative and adaptable mindset with the ability to develop solutions off the regular path.
  • A demonstrated interest in cryptocurrencies/blockchain/web3 Technology, attending conferences or even being involved with DAOs, with a willingness and eagerness to learn on a daily basis.

What We Offer:

  • Innovation-driven working environment, where you’ll be part of a project that aims to set new standards in the industry and change the world we live in:
  • Team lunches and social activities
  • Regular in-office health & sporting activities
  • Collaborative squads and a flat structure, with a renowned team of industry experts
  • Work fully remote CEST +/-6h or from our picturesque LUKSO office located next to the Spree river in Berlin, Germany
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