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Senior Software Engineer

Netflix - US
Posted: 2 years ago

Web Foundation is a small team with a big mandate: developing, maintaining, and innovating the NodeJS and browser UI platform that powers The Netflix website is composed of a collection of consumer UI applications and the web platform provides the infrastructure and unifying architecture to support these applications. Along with developing one of the largest licensed streaming platforms globally, our team provides support and guidance to the 50+ engineers building the Netflix UI experience on both the growth and streaming side of the business.

In this role, you will work on a large-scale NodeJS application that encompasses signup, streaming, and the member experience on the Netflix web platform. Some examples of projects you may work on include improving a JS/CSS asset compiler, optimizing network performance via HTTP/2, creating a logging library for UI clients, and identifying and fixing bottlenecks in the NodeJS build system. Along with solving complex engineering problems, you will lead projects where you’ll have the opportunity to work with many UI teams driving innovation and identifying opportunities for improvement to the UI infrastructure.

People who do well in this role are self-motivated, former UI engineers who relish complex technical challenges but find deep satisfaction in supporting their fellow developers. We look for individuals with in-depth knowledge of Javascript and who understand the nuances of large-scale codebases. A proven ability to lead projects and communicate with cross-functional partners are essential skills for this role.

We believe talent is equally distributed but opportunities are not. Our US-based team is happy to embrace remote work and our general support hours are 10am - 4pm Pacific Time. We believe safe spaces where everyone can be their authentic selves is the key to a strong team so we welcome and embrace all identities, cultures, and backgrounds.

Primary responsibilities

  • Facilitating architecture discussions and providing best practices to UI engineers
  • Measuring and tuning the production environment
  • Championing projects and conveying impact to partner teams
  • Soliciting feedback and building a roadmap based on partner needs
  • Evolving the web platform to be best in class

Technical Skills

  • Ability to break down abstract problems into concrete solutions
  • Able to identify and componentize common abstractions
  • Passion for frontend technologies. You need to be able to distill hype from practical application
  • Eye for performance and stability of large-scale systems
  • Self-directed. Our team sets and implements our roadmap. No PMs here.

What sets you apart?

  • You have experience in GraphQL, TypeScript, and/or PWAs
  • Expert at managing large-scale web applications
  • Experience in building frameworks and libraries from scratch
  • You’re an advocate for best practices and newer technologies
  • Current/former professional experience as a UI engineer
  • You’re known for your excellent communication skills

Aspects Which May Be Appealing

  • Influencing decisions that impact millions of users and billions of requests
  • Advocating for improvements to system-level architecture
  • Working with peers that are top of their field
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