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Backend JavaScript Engineer

Urbantz - Europe
Posted: 2 years ago

We're looking for some skilled JavaScript engineers to help us tackle the enormous challenge that lies in last-mile delivery orchestration & optimisation.


We’re offering not just a company, but a culture:

  • Urbantz operates on one of the most growing markets, offering a SaaS solution for retail, logistics, and e-commerce - businesses that tremendously accelerated in 2020.
  • Our mission is to make last-mile logistics more sustainable for retailers and transport operators by improving their operational efficiency. We bring value to the retail and logistics sector by providing a better client service and help them save on deliveries.
  • We have been growing fast for the last 5 years - recently Deloitte has listed us among the top 3 fastest growing start-ups in Belgium.
  • We’re a team of diverse people who make things happen.
  • Our culture is built on experimentation, constant development, flexibility, and encouragement of initiatives in an international, English speaking work environment.

About the Team

The product and engineering team is the heart of the company. It's where we turn the challenges our customers are facing into solutions. Product managers will try to understand these challenges as good as possible at which point we, as a team, try to come up with the best possible solution together.

  • We believe in the richness of collaboration and of diversity, for everyone to make an impact and work together toward a common goal.
  • We offer a flexible and fun working environment with lots of autonomy and possibility to grow as a professional and as a person. You will find an engaged team, where people share their joy for technology, ready to coach you as well as learning from you.
  • For us, the culture fit is important as we want to invest in our people for the long term.
  • As a company, we believe that, sometimes, failing is the best way to learn and get better at what you do.

About the position

  • You will help build a modern, highly complex, multi-service application that leads to the delivery of millions of packages per year to clients like you.
  • As a software engineer you'll be part of one of the stream-aligned teams where you'll help the product manager come up with the best solution to the challenges our customers are facing.
  • Once agreed upon, you'll of course start implementing the solution.
  • We use NodeJS for the backend and AngularJS on the front-end. Our unit-tests use Jest, and our end-to-end tests use Protractor. We store data using MongoDB. Our code is stored in GitLab, and we make use of its CI/CD capabilities to deploy easily to AWS and Azure. Our containerization & orchestration uses Docker + Kubernetes.
  • We work with short agile development cycles, each consisting of 3 weeks of roadmap work and 1 week of cool-down in which the team can focus on technical challenges, get rid of some technical debt or explore new ideas.
  • The position is remote but we have an office in the heart of Brussels where you are more than welcome!

About You

  • You are positive minded and like to find ways to constantly improve in what you do.
  • You can work alone but really shine when you work together. Pair programming, mob programming, brainstorming... you have no issue expressing your ideas, thoughts, comments...
  • Your English is fluent
  • You value quality of work. You know that any shortcut you take today will be a debt to pay in the future.
  • You consider testing part of the job, not an afterthought.
  • You know how to build a scalable, maintainable application.
  • You have at least a few years relevant experience, preferably in a product company and in a stack similar to ours
  • You stay abreast of developments and best practices within the technologies we use.
  • Bonus points if you already have affinity with logistic sector. No, ordering things online doesn't count.
  • You live in a timezone lies in the CET timezone or has a high overlap with it.

Years of experience means nothing, we know. But right now we really need some people with some experience to help us go fast and coach team members.

What’s in it for you?

  • A fast growing company with lots of great challenges.
  • A permanent contract with a great extra-legal package in Belgium, or a nice freelance long term collaboration anywhere in Europe.
  • Flexible company, nice colleagues to work with, fun company activities (even for our remote people!),...
  • If you desire to work to have an impact and bring a change: don’t hesitate and apply now!
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