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Backend Engineer

Vital - US
Posted: 9 months ago

We are looking for Senior and Staff Engineers to join our Integration team, in a full time position. As a remote-first company, the successful candidate can be based anywhere in the US, though we have a preference for West Coast timezones for additional collaboration with our New Zealand-based engineers. You will be working on the ingestion platform that services the products we build to improve the healthcare experience for millions of patients and care teams.

  • Vital builds software for care teams & patients, with a focus on the Emergency Room (ER) experience. We use AI/ML to transform the care experience, increase patient & staff satisfaction, and increase revenue for our clients.
  • We provide hospitals with a modern UI and AI layer, which we are able to deploy within a matter of days.
  • There are more than 140 million visits to the ER every year in the US. Our mission is to improve the healthcare experience for these patients.


  • Integration at Vital designs, builds, and maintains the data integration feeds between health systems, partners, and Vital to power our products and services that deliver real value to our clients.
  • We build and maintain features using a modern, serverless stack. All of our infrastructure rests within the AWS cloud, with our preference being AWS Managed Services, allowing our engineers to build products rather than maintain servers. Our products consist of mobile web applications (React + GraphQL) backed by DynamoDB, Cognito, and TypeScript Lambdas.
  • We ingest millions of events from core healthcare systems using Rhapsody Integration Engine, TypeScript Lambdas and Kinesis. You'll be working front and center on these systems.
  • Your expertise will also be relevant in building internal tools and processes that support the wider team, while looking for optimization opportunities in the team's workflows.
  • We focus primarily on TypeScript as our programming language of choice. We can teach you the languages, and the paradigms we prefer, as part of your journey at Vital.
  • Code is deployed to production via CI/CD multiple times every day, with multiple layers of automated testing and code analysis in place. We prefer to catch potential issues as early as possible, so we continuously invest in our Developer Experience tooling.
  • Engineers build, maintain, and support shared services. As such, all of our engineering team (yes, including leadership) participate in our on-call roster.
  • Work is prioritized using a Kanban approach, and we constantly improve our approach & methodology as needed. Features are launched in phased approaches, following validation with our end users.
  • Our team have adopted as our preferred form of working together. We eschew unnecessary meetings, write documentation, draft idea documents, and utilize the Slack "Do Not Disturb" functionality.

Vital + You

  • We're looking for great engineers. A great engineer doesn't need to necessarily have experience with technologies we use, we can teach that. Curiosity and drive are important, as every day you'll constantly be improving and learning.
  • Some work experience from previous roles is required. We're looking for engineers that have had the highs and lows of success and failure. Failures are often full of good lessons, we want you to bring these lessons to Vital.
  • This role requires canny and innovative software design. A strong mathematical foundation is important, along with a Computer Science background. A university, polytechnic, or college qualification is a good indication but we are flexible for a candidate with strong fundamental knowledge.
  • You'll be making important decisions on a regular basis. We've got a good support structure of leads and software architects to assist with the hard ones. Our preference is for pragmatism, rather than idealism.
  • Communication is important, especially in a remote-first team. You need to be proficient in English, both written and verbal.
  • Grow your skills! We will provide you with opportunities to grow professionally, and we expect you to contribute positively to our team, tools, and processes

Why Vital?

  • We’re working on problems which have a real impact on people’s lives. When we succeed, patients get better care.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are important to us. Every team member must abide by our shared . We believe this approach will help us attract and grow a diverse bunch of talented people that are supportive, calm, clear, empathetic, and results-oriented.
  • We prefer working smarter, not longer. You're not expected to put in wild hours, that's just not what we do.
  • You'll get a competitive salary.
  • We're constantly improving our systems and processes, and you'll be expected to continue to shape this as we journey together.

We also provide great benefits to our team:

  • Every team member at Vital gets to share in our success in the form of stock options.
  • Four weeks of annual leave for our team, ensuring you can take vacations as you need.
  • We provide paid leave for new parents.
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