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Hertility - UK
Posted: 7 months ago

Hertility is a women’s health company built by women, for women. We’re shaping the future of reproductive healthcare by pioneering unique diagnostic testing that provides data-driven and advanced insights into reproductive health, fertility decline and the onset of menopause. We provide expert advice, education and access to care - all from the comfort of your home.

31% of women will suffer from a reproductive health issue at some point and through our research, we aim to reduce the time to diagnosis through advanced at-home testing and specialist gynaecological care. We tailor pathways to the individual's reproductive goals, whether it be to explore their ovarian health and fertility options or overall hormonal health, such as confirming a PCOS diagnosis. Currently, we can diagnose 18 of the most common gynae pathologies which may lead to reduced fertility.

Ultimately, our aim is to change attitudes around reproductive health, both for individuals and in the workplace, and to encourage women to be proactive by tracking their reproductive health. We’re calling this the Reproductive Revolution!

The role

This position will play a vital role in the future of Hertility Health; you will be part of a small and growing Engineering team working on key features, writing code and collaborating with the wider Hertili-team.

You will be a key part of developing the team, which will consist of ‘two squads’; a product team and a platform team, both of which will support Hertility's scalability.

As a Full Stack Developer, you should be able to understand the entire system and help in the design, development, and building of software infrastructure that will be essential as the company continues to grow. This will include:

  • Promote the migration to a distributed infrastructure on AWS.
  • Help designing new services and solve business problems in a scalable way.
  • Working closely with our product manager to build product feature inline with overall product roadmap
  • Contributing to the continuous improvement of our Agile process
  • Maintaining and build tooling to make sure the platform is scalable and monitored
  • Take ownership of the infrastructure as code, maintain and update where appropriate.
  • Maintaining the legacy PHP codebase while we migrate to newer stack (see below)
  • Working closely with the UX and UI designer to ensure consistent UI design inline with branding working across multiple browsers and screen sizes.
  • Ensuring production quality code by adopting strong engineering principles like testing, linting, CI or by working with multiple environments
  • Building and maintaining libraries of reusable components across our frontends
  • Contributing to the wider open source community by writing blog posts and building open source libraries

Recruiters please note we are not looking for agency support in filling this position.


We are looking for an experienced yet ambitious Full Stack Developer to join our remote first engineering team, to work on the ongoing growth of our platform.

You will need an excellent working knowledge of our tech stack below and constantly bring ideas to the table when it comes to modernising and improving our architecture.

It’s an incredibly exciting time to be a part of Hertility Health. Having recently raised a funding round (seed round), we’re looking for someone who wants to actively contribute to our growth and really own their workflow.

You’ll be a good communicator; someone who can collaborate with multiple stakeholders across the business and provide feedback upwards.

Tech stack

  • Javascript/Typescript
  • React / GraphQL
  • Jest / cypress
  • AWS S3 / ECS / Fargate
  • Docker
  • Datadog
  • Terraform
  • Github / Github Actions


We are a young, dynamic team revolutionising women’s health. As a Full Stack Developer, you will get a salary of between £65,000 - £80,000 + equity options as well as:

  • 33 days paid holiday allowance (including public holidays)
  • Company laptop
  • Flexible working hours - we trust that our team can manage their time and will get the job done
  • 5% pension scheme matched by 4% employee contribution
  • Mental health support from an in-house counsellor
  • Free access to Hertility Health products and services, including free of charge hormone and fertility tests and discount codes for employee friends and family
  • Opportunities for further learning and development
  • Enhanced Family Leave policy (maternity leave / paternity leave/ adoption leave)
  • Progressive health leave (menstruation and menopause policies)
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