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Senior Backend Engineer

Productboard - Europe
Posted: 9 months ago

At Productboard, we are developing a product command center where 4,500+ global companies make strategic product decisions every day.

We're growing fast and with that comes strong demand to build more and more product features. To help meet our customers' evolving needs, we want to have 20% of our engineering team working our technical platform. Would you like to be part of that?

Our engineering department is composed of multiple product tribes and a platform tribe. Each product tribe owns a different area of the product, while the platform tribe focuses on improving the efficiency of the whole engineering department.

The platform tribe is composed of six teams, each focusing on a different topic. However, we do keep a high level of cross collaboration between the teams.

  • Frontend Platform — owns a big piece of our technical architecture, develops the frontend framework and its interfaces with the backend (React, GraphQL, service workers, etc.).
  • Production Engineering (aka Backend Platform) — develops the backend framework that powers our microservices architecture and integrates it with all our tools (Backstage, k8s, Sentry, OpsGenie, etc.).
  • Developer Experience — improves the developer experience and productivity by tackling topics such as CI/CD, development environments, IDE plugins, and integration between development tools.
  • Quality Engineering — oversees frameworks, tooling, and infrastructure that product tribes use to automate all kinds of tests, and keeps an eye on the quality of the product.
  • Cloud Engineering — builds and maintains our infrastructure (AWS, Kubernetes, load balancers, etc.).
  • Nucleus — builds and maintains our internal design system.

If you join us, you'll have the freedom to choose the topic which is closest to your heart. We also encourage moving between teams if there's a topic you like better.

We're fully running on AWS and Kubernetes, with our frontend written in Typescript/React. We're in the progress of breaking down a Ruby on Rails monolith into microservices that communicate through Kafka message bus. New components are written in Kotlin, with Ruby remaining a first-class citizen in our stack. We are also transitioning to a federated single schema GraphQL implementation for the data-fetching layer.

Our Tech Stack

  • Frontend: TypeScript, React.js, React Native, Nx (you can read here about how we use it)
  • Backend: Kotlin/Spring, Ruby on Rails, Kafka
  • Storage: Postgres, Elastic, Redis
  • Code Quality: Jest,, ESlint, Prettier, Danger.js
  • Infrastructure: AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform, Datadog

About you

  • You are experienced at building web applications and designing architecture that scales
  • You are passionate about learning, embrace change, and are not afraid to pick a new stack
  • You have an interest in platform and building tools and features for other engineers
  • You are not tied to a single tech stack and like to learn different technologies
  • You like to fix things when they break
  • You are passionate about sharing your knowledge with others
  • Your code is clean and well tested
  • You are fluent in English — our team consists of 14+ nationalities!

Bonus points

  • Experience with message queue systems and event-driven architecture
  • Previous knowledge of Kotlin or other JVM-based language
  • Previous knowledge of Ruby
  • Previous experience working in platform teams or SRE

If you don't check all these boxes, don't worry! We encourage learning and knowledge-sharing and would love to have a chat with you regardless of your experience level.

About Productboard

Productboard is the customer-centric product management platform that helps teams get the right products to market faster. Over 4,000 companies, including Microsoft, 1-800-Contacts, and UiPath, use Productboard to understand what users need, prioritize what to build next, and rally everyone around their roadmap. In April 2021, we closed our $72M Series-C round, backed by VC giants like Tiger Global Management, Index Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia Capital, and Bessemer Venture Partners. Headquartered in San Francisco, we are a truly international company, with offices in Vancouver and Prague.

  • We are backed by top Silicon Valley investors, giving us access to capital, networks, mentors, and markets
  • You’ll enjoy an exciting team atmosphere building a new and complex product
  • We iterate quickly and decisions are fast. You’ll have a voice in what we do and see the impact of your work
  • With modern offices in San Francisco, Vancouver, and Prague, you can expect occasional travel across the Atlantic!

About our culture

At Productboard, values aren’t just something we like to talk about, they’re something we live and breathe. We believe in creating a work environment where:

  • People feel empowered, supported, and included
  • Trust and transparency are built into the way we work
  • Creativity, curiosity, and continuous improvement are encouraged and nurtured every day
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