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Moz - North America, Remote
Posted: 13 days ago2021-04-24

Moz is looking for Senior and Lead Application Developers to join the Application Development team, responsible for developing customer facing applications.

The team represents Moz’s ability to deliver SEO data insights. Through the applications they build, Moz customers will be able to access insights, workflows, and aggregations of information above and beyond Moz’s core data offerings.

Application Development is a group of distributed teams with members throughout the USA and Canada. Team members located in the Seattle and Vancouver area have the option to work in our beautiful offices (pandemic permitting) and we do try get the whole team together in person on a regular basis.

What’s Important to Us

  • Accountable. Is action-oriented. Takes initiative. Solves problems and takes ownership.
  • Technically skilled. Understands the concepts underpinning their work. Knows their stack and tools and how to use them effectively. Able to quickly add additional technologies and capabilities. Excited to work on all parts of the application stack. Has opinions about how to do things well.
  • Customer oriented. Takes responsibility for the quality and experience of the products they build and the value they provide to our customers. Invested in the success of Moz as a whole.
  • Resourceful and adaptable. Looks for information and answers to questions proactively and shares that knowledge. Willing to take on unexpected responsibilities and challenges. Can function in situations without rigorous structure or process.
  • Collaborative. Is team-focused and shares information openly. Able to communicate effectively within a distributed team and with different levels of understanding. Enlists others when solving problems to make sure all perspectives are considered. Asks for help when needed and looks for opportunities to offer help.
  • Relationship builder. Builds strong relationships throughout Moz, and in the engineering org in particular. Works collaboratively with other developers, UX, product managers, etc.
  • TAGFEE. Understands and embraces core Moz values. Contributes to creating a welcoming environment for all. Deeply committed to diversity and inclusion, and shows that through action.
  • Diversity & Inclusivity. Moz is committed to building diverse teams where people of all identities and backgrounds are welcome, included, and respected. We work to help close the gender gap in tech, and to actively recruit people from other underrepresented groups. We strongly encourage women, gender diverse people, and minority candidates to apply for this role.

What You’ll Do

  • Build, maintain, and support the core frontend application for Moz Pro using JavaScript, React, Redux, and other frontend technologies.
  • Build, maintain, and support backend services that provide data APIs for frontend applications using JavaScript, Node.js, SQL, etc.
  • Work to build a successful, tight-knit team that enables all members to contribute to the success of projects.
  • Work closely with Product Managers and User Experience Designers to deliver and iterate on new features for customers.
  • Contribute to and promote engineering best practices and standards by providing leadership to peers, working closely with the Principal Engineers and engineering leadership, and providing cross-team feedback.

Experience We Want to See

  • Experience with building products from the ground up - including shipping and supporting that software for growth.
  • Experience with/knowledge about monitoring, observability, or owning services in production
  • For a Lead role we want to see multiple years of experience leading teams through the entire lifecycle of software projects.
  • Experience with mentoring individuals throughout their career growth.
  • Strong experience working with React, Redux, and frontend JavaScript frameworks.
  • Experience working with SQL, Node.js, JavaScript, micro-service architecture
  • Experience working with relational databases
  • Experience designing APIs and distributed backend systems
  • Experience working remotely with a distributed team
  • Great problem solving skills
  • Understanding and support for pragmatic, agile software development practices
  • Excellent accountability

Preferred Experience and Knowledge

  • Experience working on a product-centric team
  • Experience working in AWS
  • Experience with SaaS products, especially mature products that have sustained growth over time
  • Knowledge of search and SEO

What You’ll Work With

  • Modern JavaScript (ES6+)
  • Node.js
  • React / Redux
  • Docker
  • AWS
  • Messaging systems (e.g., SQS, NSQ)
  • Databases (MySQL, MongoDB)
  • Lots of other interesting tools
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