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Senior iOS Engineer

HiRoad - US
Salary: $170-300k
Posted: 9 months ago

Our Mission

We make good things happen by recognizing and rewarding people for taking the high road. How? By reinventing insurance that celebrates people’s mindful choices.

Insurance was fundamentally a brilliant idea, but it always had a key challenge — it couldn’t identify and acknowledge the positive decisions that individuals made along the way. But when we apply smart mobile technologies, we can. And that’s what we do. We help our customers save on their monthly bill. But more importantly, they join a growing movement of people who dare to live more mindfully because doing so is simply better for everyone.

We’re a well-funded, talent dense team of people who care about using our skills to do good. From data science, to design, engineering, insurance, product, research, user experience and beyond — we believe in people who believe they can make the world even better. Join us, and let’s build the higher path that is HiRoad.

The Role

We’re seeking an engineer to join our Mobile team to help build and enhance our mobile applications. Responsibilities include architecting solutions to solve our complex problems, developing new and innovative experiences within our iOS applications, and providing clear estimation and scope of development to format clear roadmaps. You’ll analyze and optimize applications for quality, efficiency and performance and collaborate cross functionally within the organization on key projects.


  • Team Player. You enjoy discussing solutions or bouncing ideas off of team members. Growing your knowledge and sharing it are something you enjoy in your work environment. You also enjoy experimenting and are enthusiastic about new tech.
  • Architecture is key. You are a strong believer in architecture and making sure that the code we write can easily be tested and is well documented. You not only look for the solution but the best one that fits any scenario and you’re willing to take on any challenge.
  • You’ve worked on an app that’s lived on the App Store for a period of time. Whether you released an app on your own or with a team, you understand what it’s like to have users and the responsibility that comes with that. You are comfortable in a source code environment backed by a distributed version control system - we use git.
  • You know how to test. You know your code may not be perfect but you have experience writing unit tests to help build confidence that what you write is stable. You also can describe what kind of automated tests can be used and how to apply them to complex components.
  • Threading and concurrency in UIKit using GCD and Operations in Swift are clear to you. You can clearly explain asynchronous options, understand how they run under the hood, and are able to choose the best option given the task. You never dead lock on race conditions.
  • You have a complete understanding of Apple’s recommended coding standards. Apple provided frameworks are all common knowledge to you and you have a preference for those libraries before utilizing third party ones.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience refactoring Objective-C to Swift
  • 5+ years of iOS development strongly preferred
  • Experience developing user interfaces to support multiple device sizes using Storyboards, Size Classes and Auto-Layout Constraints
  • In-depth knowledge of at least one of these frameworks: AVFoundation, MapKit, CoreLocation
  • Knowledge of the iOS SDK performance tools and optimization techniques
  • Aware of performance limitations of battery life, CPU and memory availability to implement robust and efficient solutions
  • Ability to clearly articulate details of iOS device provisioning process
  • Familiar with issues arising from Apple app review process and dealing with App Store Connect

Salary: $170,000 to $300,000

Important note: all offered salaries are based on many factors, including experience in a similar role and geographic location of the candidate.

Additional Details:

  • Benefits: We provide a wide variety of health, wellness and other benefits.These include medical, dental, vision, life insurance and supplemental income plans for you and your dependents, a Headspace app subscription, monthly wellness allowance and a 401(k) Plan with a company match.
  • Work from Home Equipment: Given our virtual environment— in order to set you up for success at home, a one-time payment of $2K will be provided to cover the purchase of in-home office equipment and furniture at your discretion. Also, our teams work with MacBook Pros, which we will deliver to you fully provisioned prior to your first day.
  • Paid Time Off: All employees accrue four weeks of PTO in their first year of employment. New parents receive eight weeks of fully paid parental leave (plus four additional weeks for parents who give birth) which may be taken within one year after the birth and/or adoption of a child.
  • Personal and Professional Development: We’re committed to investing in and helping our people grow personally and professionally. All employees receive up to $5000 each year for professional learning, continuing education and career development. All team members also receive Udemy subscriptions and access to multiple different coaching opportunities through BetterUp.
  • Location: We are a remote-first company for most positions so you may work from anywhere you like in the U.S, excluding U.S. territories. Occasional travel may be required for team meetings or company gatherings. Employees based in the San Francisco Bay Area or in Providence, Rhode Island may commute to one of our local offices as desired.
  • Hours: We maintain core meeting hours from 9AM - 3PM Pacific time for collaborating with team members across all time zones.
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