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Senior React Engineer

Posted: a year ago

Codelitt helps companies build new products and solve their most pressing problems with the speed, technology, and innovation of a startup. We are passionate about improving the lives of our users through the products we build.


Codelitt is looking for a Senior React Engineer with experience building highly complex applications. You will be responsible for building and implementing a currently in-progress React product.

You will work together with an engineering team, a designer and a project manager to achieve the goals of the application.


  • Build and develop a React application
  • Discuss features and offer possible solutions
  • Estimate tasks accordingly based on your past experience
  • Provide and receive feedback on pull requests
  • Maintain the application's development/QA/production servers and keep them up and running
  • Provide help and guidance to other engineers on the project
  • In the future, in case you are interested, you may be part of the mentorship team and help guide less experienced engineers with their careers

In 1 Month, you'll:

  • Get an understanding of the engineering department processes, tools, and practices
  • Understand the project architecture and goals
  • Receive access to our learning resources
  • Be part of the engineering department decision making
  • Start a mentorship process with the Chief Technology Officer

In 3+ Months, you'll:

  • Own the project from an engineering point of view
  • Every quarter you'll receive feedback about your performance with guidance about how to improve on your career


  • Experience working and collaborating with teams
  • Experience in Linux and command line a must
  • Solid Javascript experience a must
  • Extensive React experience a must
  • Knowledge of responsive frontends
  • Ability to architect all components of front-end projects
  • Experience reading API documentation and working with different endpoints to compose the desired effect
  • Ability to run projects through solid processes (Git flow, code reviews, reviewing stories, planning)
  • Ability to pick up new technologies quickly and efficiently
  • Ability to use Git for all of your projects
  • Strong knowledge in OOP and software design principles
  • Driven, self-motivated, ambitious, and interested in tech
  • Ability to assess multiple solutions to a problem and reason between them
  • Experience with building secure apps
  • Ability to optimize frontend load times, debug rendering issues, and provide an overall smooth user experience


  • 100% Remote - The flexibility to work anywhere you prefer and feel most productive
  • Competitive salary, based on location and years of experience
  • 30 days PTO, plus company-wide holiday break in December
  • Flexible sick leave
  • Healthcare benefits, including dental and vision (US only)
  • Maternity and paternity benefits
  • Collaborate and learn from the best and brightest in product development, including design, engineering, and more
  • Numerous team building events throughout the year to unwind and get to know your awesome teammates
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