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Software Engineer

Posted: 2 years ago

This is an exciting opportunity for a software engineer passionate about open source software, Linux, and cloud-native computing. Come and build a rewarding, meaningful career working with the best and brightest people in technology at Canonical, the growing international software company behind Ubuntu.

As part of the Python Operator Framework team, you’ll be responsible for designing and maintaining the framework that allows for the creation and management of Charmed Operators - software that drives software.

You’ll be designing and implementing the foundation for operator software that can run anywhere, from bare metal to Kubernetes in the cloud. You’ll work closely with other teams in Canonical to ensure the framework provides a reliable, easy-to-use solution that scales to production workloads and meets the needs of our customers looking to adopt cutting-edge technology. You will be responsible for ensuring sound software architecture and enforcing best practices in software quality, testing and documentation. This is a role for individual contribution through quality, Pythonic code and intuitive documentation.

Because of the central nature of this team and role, it will be easiest for candidates based in TZs from eastern America to eastern Europe, but exceptional candidates will be considered globally.

What you’ll do

  • Collaborate proactively with a distributed team
  • Write high quality, idiomatic Python to drive the delivery of the Python Operator Framework
  • Build and maintain a high-quality testing framework to help businesses operate complex software efficiently and safely
  • Debug issues and produce high quality code to fix them
  • Review code produced by other engineers
  • Contribute to technical documentation that define best practices for authoring high quality operators to keep complex software “on rails”
  • Engage with the community to share best practices
  • Encourage and shepherd quality, idiomatic code into the framework
  • Discuss ideas and collaborate on finding good solutions
  • Work from home with global travel 2 to 4 weeks for internal and external events

Who you are

  • You have a Bachelor’s or equivalent in Computer Science, STEM or similar degree
  • You have deep experience and history of writing modern, maintainable Python
  • You love technology and working with brilliant people
  • You are curious, flexible, articulate, and accountable
  • You value soft skills and are passionate, enterprising, thoughtful, and self-motivated
  • You have interest and experience with two or more of the following: Ubuntu Linux - kernel or userspace, Kubernetes, OpenStack, Ceph, AI/ML, QEMU/KVM, LXC/LXD, Python, Go, C, Postgresql, Mongo, Debian packaging, scalable web services
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