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Senior Python Developer

Salary: $75-110k
Posted: 2 years ago

About ShipHero

Hello. We are ShipHero. We have built a software platform entrusted by hundreds of ecommerce companies, large and small to run their operations and we continue to grow. About US$5 billion of ecommerce orders are shipped a year via ShipHero. Many of our customers sell on Shopify, Amazon and many other platforms. We’re driven to help our customers grow their businesses by providing a platform that solves complex problems, and is engineered to be reliable and fast. We are obsessed with building great technology, that is beautiful, easy to use and is loved by our customers. Our culture also reflects our ethos and belief that by bringing passionate, talented and great people together - you can do great things.

Our team is fully remote, with most of our engineers currently spread over the Americas but have been building out teams in Europe as well. We communicate regularly using video chat and Slack, and put a strong emphasis on asynchronous work so people have large chunks of uninterrupted time to focus and do deep work.

About You

  • You understand that great things are accomplished when teams work together.
  • You’ve made a lot of mistakes, and most importantly, have learned from them.
  • You can code review other team members work and provide assistance and appreciate feedback.
  • You’ve learned from building systems and solutions the reasons to avoid technical debt, and how to approach and implement tests and CI practices.
  • 5+ years of experience writing Python
  • You are comfortable and even enjoy mentoring others in different skill-sets

The Role

  • Work on a cross-functional team including front end and UX to build solutions that are easy for customers to understand, work consistently and scale well.
  • Review features and requirements, design and implement solutions.
  • Understand business requirements and think through solutions in terms of not just the coding implementation but also how the solution fits into the solution and how it solves a customer need.
  • Ability to estimate effort and ship on agreed schedule.
  • Perform regular code reviews, with the goal of code quality, good design and approach along with pushing engineers to improve and evolve.
  • Optimize existing tech stack and solutions, determine path to next step in the evolution.
  • Learn, and push those around you to do the same - this is a craft that you’re constantly improving upon.
  • Implement solutions that are pragmatic to get the platform built.
  • Have the confidence to work with experienced and talented people to just build great things, you’re not a “rock star”.

The Process

Our hiring process takes some time. Time is very valuable to us, both yours and ours. So here's our proposal to you: If after the first call we all agree (you as well!) to continue the hiring process, we will pay you a fix rate of $500 USD for your time regardless of how far you get from that point on.

Additionally, we ask you to fill in some questions upfront instead of providing a resume as a way to remove some bias from the hiring process. We understand it might be faster to upload your CV instead, but we care about hiring in a thoughtful way that removes some common biases from the beginning of the process. We might ask you for your CV once you've been pre-selected for the following phases.

After you apply, if you are selected here are the steps in more detail:

  • First screen call: 30 minute screen call to assess general fit, how you communicate and think and confirm that your previous experience fits the role and more importantly, what you want to do in the future.
  • Short take home test: the goal of this test is to assess how you approach development and what things you prioritize, those sort of things. The project shouldn't take more than 2 hours, we would give you the scaffolding so that you don't have to spend too much time setting things up and you can focus on the code and solve the proposed challenge.
  • Active collaboration: The same people as in step 2 will asynchronously work with you in a small project, the goal of this step is to work together for a bit to get a sense of how much we’d enjoy doing more of that in the future, after this project, a call will be scheduled to talk about the results and ask some questions about the project.
  • Team fit: 30 minute call in case you might be a better fit for a different team as well, we'll always try and make sure people are working where they'd be the happiest.


  • $2.500 so you can buy any equipment you need to be happy at your job
  • 20 days paid vacation + new year & Christmas
  • Conference days don't count against your vacation days, we want you to stay up-to-date
  • We will pay for courses & conferences, if you learn we all learn
  • Salary range is $75.000 - $110.000 / year depending on experience and location
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