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Senior Developer Tooling Engineer

Posted: 4 months ago

With over 2 million developers worldwide, Netlify is leading the transition to modern Jamstack-based web development. By uniting the ecosystem of developer tools and technologies, Netlify makes it easier than ever to build, deploy, and scale web applications

We are excited to announce our most recent Series D fundraise of $105M led by Bessemer Venture Partners, with participation from our existing investors Andreessen Horowitz, BOND, EQT Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Mango Capital and Menlo Ventures with an overall $2B valuation.

Though our team is growing fast, we’ve managed to stay tight-knit while welcoming newcomers to the fold. We hail from around the globe with diverse backgrounds, we’re ~40% woman or non-binary, and are composed of 29 different nationalities.

We aim to create a company culture of empowerment where the best idea can come from anywhere, as we believe that empowered and engaged team members do the best work. We strive to be thoughtful, caring, and collaborative in our work within and across teams.We’ll be giving you the tools you need to succeed and looking to you for suggestions for improvement—not just in your daily job, but in many other aspects of building a company.

About the Opportunity:

At Netlify, we’re building a system that supports millions of customer sites, processing over a petabyte of data. Over 16% of Internet users visit at least one site hosted by Netlify every 30 days. With our team, we truly empower our engineers through an autonomous pod-based model that allows our teams to own various stages of the customer journey. We’ve been remote-first since our inception and are globally distributed, spanning across North America, Europe, and Africa. We’re biased towards asynchronous planning and communication, meaning less meetings and more execution. We take documentation seriously and place our values of transparency, empowerment, and commitment at the forefront of everything we do. We’re driven by passion and we make sure that everyone on the team knows their value, feels ownership over their work, and can quickly see the impact of their efforts. Beyond just hiring smart, empathetic team members, we foster a culture where there are no dumb questions and our team can get access to the resources that they need to continue to learn. As a remote-first company, diversity drives our identity. Whether you’re looking to launch a new career or grow an existing one, Netlify is the type of company where you can balance great work with great life!

As a Developer Tooling Engineer at Netlify, you'll be contributing to our open-source work, which includes things like the Netlify CLI, zip-it-and-ship-it, framework-info, and many others! Through your work, you'll be shaping the experience of using and shipping on Netlify for millions of developers around the world. With our team, you'll be working with maintainers of frontend frameworks, as well as our Frameworks Integration team, to ensure that they have world class support with Netlify. You'll be a significant influence in the overall vision and long-term goals of the team and product.

Technologies you'll be exposed to:

  • JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Node.js, as a CLI and a backend
  • Serverless functions, including AWS Lambda
  • Testing frameworks such as Cypress, Jest, and Ava
  • All kinds of bundling tools: esbuild, Webpack & friends
  • Frontend frameworks of all kinds — we support an open web

What You'll Bring:

  • An expert level of knowledge with JavaScript, static site generators, and their ecosystems, as well as a deep passion for a JavaScript-centered workflow
  • Experience in building developer tools using Node and TypeScript
  • Experience in interacting with open source communities, triaging issues, and contributing to open source projects
  • Experience with writing code that runs on multiple operating systems
  • Understanding of the npm ecosystem, bundling practices, dependency management, and CLI tooling
  • Some familiarity with build systems, CI, and open source metrics
  • History or interest in building tooling that makes the lives of millions of developers easier

Within 1 month, you'll:

  • Learn about Netlify's build and bundling system
  • Have one-on-ones, triaging, and pairing sessions with your teammates
  • Build a feature or fix things in our open-source projects

Within 3 months, you'll:

  • Establish strong async communication rhythms with your peers and leaders, practicing transparency and visibility in your progress against areas of focus
  • Gain a more robust understanding of the needs of the product and become more comfortable with diagnosing problems
  • Be a regular at our Dev Tooling guild meetings, where you will support/steer initiatives that help developers!
  • Set up career plans with your manager and collaborate with them on getting you the support you need

Within 6 months, you'll:

  • Elevate the work of the team and become a subject matter expert in an area that interests you
  • Make a significant impact to our team by being a key contributor to an engineering led initiative to improve our codebase or processes to enable us to scale better as an organization
  • Maintain some of our open-source packages and the relationships with other open source packages
  • Fortify relationships with cross functional team members as well as broaden your connections across the organization
  • Participate in the interview process for other engineering candidates

At Netlify, we are a growing company that is constantly evolving so this timeline is intended to show you an example of what you can expect from the role. Keep in mind we're always iterating, learning, and growing, thus expect these guidelines to continue to evolve as we expand. We're excited for you to join us on the journey!

About Netlify

Of everything we've ever built at Netlify, we are most proud of our team.

We believe that empowered and engaged colleagues do their best work. We’ll be giving you the tools you need to succeed and looking to you for suggestions to improve not just in your daily job, but every aspect of building a company. As a distributed-first organization we want to make sure wherever our team is we find inventive ways to collaborate, debate, and learn from each other.

To learn a bit more about our team and who we are, make sure to visit our about page.


Not sure you meet 100% of our qualifications? Please apply anyway!

When applying please include: A resume or short listing of your job history & skills. (A link to a LinkedIn profile would be fine). A cover letter explaining why you would enjoy working in this role and why you’d like to work at Netlify would be great, though not required & will not impact your application. When we receive your application we’ll get back to you about the next steps.

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