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Software Engineer

BytePitch - Europe
Posted: 9 months ago

Happy teams build the most incredible products. We aim to change how the world looks at the Software Engineering industry by empowering one another to take on the most complex challenges to accomplish the most outstanding solutions. It is what we do here at BytePitch; through Supported Autonomy and Transparency, we make an environment where people feel driven to create, explore, and control their work on solutions that truly make a difference for us all. If you are looking to grow professionally and personally while contributing to building a better future through software engineering, then BytePitch is the place for you!

Our projects/products are based in the UK, USA, Germany, Canada, and the Netherlands, focusing on FinTech, BigData, and Blockchain solutions. Tech-wise, we are neither square nor round, so we have vast experience with several tech stacks. We might be tech experts, but we’re people first and foremost, bringing this human approach to our work; we all contribute to defining a path by sharing achievements and mistakes and caring for one another in a diverse flat hierarchy Tribe.

You rock at:

  • Service-oriented architectures, design patterns, and data structures;
  • Continuous integration and continuous deployment;
  • Building, automating and orchestrating experience cloud solutions (eg.: AWS, GCS or Azure);
  • Working with high transactional relational databases like Oracle,PostgreSQL or TimescaleDB;
  • Protocols and architectural patterns like HTTP, REST, and GraphQL;
  • Experience in developing and running large-scale production environments in or closely with DevOps / SRE;
  • Ability to diagnose problems at any level (Client, HTTP/Network, Server, OS);
  • Building and handling asynchronous and event-driven workflows using tools like Kafka, RabbitMQ, etc;
  • Creating testable code and making testing a priority;
  • Managing packages and their dependencies using nuget, npm or gradle;
  • English proficiency.

You are good at:

  • Freedom & responsibility, as this is part of our DNA, you are self-driven and self-organized always preserving the common purpose of team and company;
  • Keen to solve complex problems, with scalable and resilient software solutions;
  • Develop with high standards, having in mind metrics, tracing as well as business needs and strategy;
  • Working with docker containers and diving deep into the system if needed;
  • Test automation, continuous integration, and continuous delivery;


  • Hybrid working model*;
  • Flexible working hours**;
  • Cozy at-home vibe for those wishing to work from the office;
  • Competitive salary and benefits (e.g., Health Insurance and Meal Allowance***);
  • As free as possible, Bureaucracy-Free Workplace;
  • Two types of contracts are available: Work Contract & Service Agreement;
  • Support in case you need a visa/relocation;
  • Mental well-being and work-life balance taken seriously;
  • Budget or reimbursement for external training and attending conferences;
  • Potential traveling (0%-10% of the time, varies according to project/client).
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