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Humu - US
Posted: 10 months ago

We’re looking for frontendy engineers at all levels (really!). Since we’re a small team, we want people who are willing to jump into some backend code too. We build on top of React, TypeScript, GraphQL, Python, and Google Cloud, but you don’t need to know those already; if you’ve used similar tools in the past then you can definitely learn these too.

Strong technical skills are certainly important to us – we want people who are comfortable coding and can learn new things quickly – but we care just as much about your ability to collaborate well, not only with your fellow engineers but also across our many important functions, including design, PM, science, and our customer-facing teams. (We’re not interested in hiring “brilliant jerks”.)

We love people from all sorts of different backgrounds! Whether you’re someone who has been leading software projects for years, a new bootcamp graduate who recently switched into the tech industry, or anything in between, we want to hear from you.

You might be wondering what it is we actually do here. At Humu, our mission is to make work better, because we all spend SO MUCH time at work and many people don’t have a job they love. Everything we do is grounded in science, and we believe it’s possible to create team cultures in which every employee feels valued, heard, and empowered to succeed. This year, we’re really focused on building tools to help managers be better coaches, because we believe everybody deserves a great manager.

Here’s an assortment of some recent projects, to give you a taste of what we work on these days:

  • Data analytics tools that let organization leaders support inclusion and quickly pinpoint what matters most for their teams
  • Letting a team pick which skills they most want to develop together
  • Internationalization infrastructure to make sure people across the globe can all benefit from the Humu product
  • Migrating between backends for our privacy-aware database layer, without breaking all of the application code that sits on top (we don’t have a blog post about this one)

Humu was founded in 2017; this year we raised a $60M Series C round and we’re excited to grow our ~100-person company and ~20-person engineering team. We started with an office in Mountain View, CA; we still have that office, but we’ve since hired many engineers across the US and plan to continue supporting a remote-first culture.

You may have heard of a couple of our leaders. Sophie Alpert heads our engineering team and used to lead the React team at Facebook. Laszlo Bock, who’s famous for creating Google’s innovative culture as their head of HR, is our CEO and co-founder. We have some other really cool people too.

At Humu, we’re incredibly proud of the people-first culture we’ve built and the work we do to sustain it.

  • “Everybody deserves a great manager” isn’t just a product motto; it’s a part of our culture. You’ll be working with somebody who actually cares about you as a human being (as well as about helping your career develop).
  • We genuinely care about diversity. Half of our engineering leaders are women; 20% of our executive team are Black. But we don’t think that diversity is a checkbox or just something to write on our website, and we’re always striving to get better. If you have a different background from most of the tech industry, we would especially love to meet you.
  • We’ve invested in a super supportive onboarding process. When we asked our team for a quote to write here, the first response was: “The absolute best onboarding experience I have ever gone through! Onboarding takes a lot of effort to do smoothly, so the amount of planning, care, and thoughtfulness was super apparent to me. It exceeded my expectations every step of the way and really helped me get familiar with the different teams at Humu and hit the ground running.”
  • We work sustainably, and we’re taking every other Friday off through the end of 2022 to help people spend time on what matters most to them.

If this sounds like the type of company you’d like to be a part of building, we’d love to hear from you so that we can tell you more.

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