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Posted: a month ago2021-03-24


The Wikimedia Foundation is looking for product software engineers to join our team, reporting to product engineering management. As a product software engineer, you will be responsible for software engineering for our product user experiences. In this role, you will work in a mostly-remote environment, where we value teamwork and a consensus-oriented approach. You get to write open source code for collaborative experiences supporting over a half a billion pages accessed per day, and you get to do it at a place that believes we're all more successful when everyone has a good work-life balance.

On the Parsing team, we work to support and evolve all things wikitext, the markup language behind Wikipedia. We aim to make wikitext easier to write, faster to parse, and less error-prone for humans. We also strive to support editing and content analysis tools with structured representations (ex: DOM).

You are responsible for:

  • Improving the Wikipedia product experience by fixing bugs and implementing new functionality in wikitext processing
  • Iterating on the evolution of wikitext to structured semantics through collaboration with product managers, designers, client teams, and other engineers
  • Writing multilingual and accessible JavaScript and PHP
  • Creating and maintaining internet APIs with server scripting languages
  • Instrumenting components to monitor feature and quality characteristics
  • Leveraging caching and persistence technologies

Skills and experience:

  • Academic or professional work in one or more of the following areas
  • Parsers, interpreters, or compilers
  • Programming language runtimes
  • Projects involving domain specific languages or markup languages
  • Projects demonstrating expert knowledge of the HTML5 or DOM specifications
  • 4+ years related professional experience in functional programming or OOP
  • Experience building software components with good performance
  • Focused software engineering: you enjoy writing unit and integration tests, proactively addressing security and code review feedback, and thoughtfully balancing architectural tradeoffs

Qualities that are important to us:

  • A desire to make meaningful contributions to knowledge equity, free culture, and open access
  • An emphasis on communicating clearly in both synchronous and asynchronous channels
  • The Wikimedia ecosystem is complex, resources are limited, and our guiding principles are ambitious. You should be able to navigate that to solve problems
  • Self motivated with an ability to navigate through ambiguity and bring a project to completion with limited direction

Additionally, we'd love it if you have this:

  • Familiarity with the HTML5 spec and DOM manipulation
  • Familiarity with Wikipedia / wikitext / markdown editing or content management systems (e.g., MediaWiki, Drupal, WordPress)
  • A history of open source contribution
  • Experience bringing a language feature through a product cycle
  • Experience working with large legacy codebases
  • Bachelor's, master's, or doctorate degree in computer science, management information systems, or STEM field (or equivalent certification)
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