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Frontend Software Engineer

Trana - EMEA
Salary: 60-75k
Posted: 8 months ago

In short: Remote position in CET±2h. React, TypeScript, Kotlin, GraphQL. €60-75k. A brilliant forward-thinking team building the hybrid future of online training.

Who we are

Trana is an early-stage startup building training technology to onboard new teammates, educate customers and engage your staff – all around the world, all around the clock.

With future of online training we want to enable organizations and individuals to effectively create, consume and monitor their knowledge.

We’re a lean organisation where we enable everyone to shape and develop their role and can take full ownership of what they’re delivering. We’ve been remote-first since Day 1, and care a ton about communication, autonomy, curiosity, and initiative.

Our team is highly experienced, and has started and sold companies before. We also love learning from each other, and are looking for people who bring a new set of experiences and backgrounds to our team.

Why you might be excited about us

  • We are obsessed by the idea of helping to migrate human cognition to new, higher-level activities, and put learning at the center of our everyday life.
  • We are a truly collaborative team. We take pride in building an elegant and beautiful product by combining solid engineering principles and forward-thinking product and design practices
  • We’ve raised funds by some of the strongest investors in Europe. We count on Visionaries Club, and angel investors from Checkout, On Deck, Framer and Rows.
  • We financially support your remote setup. We are fully remote and want to make sure you feel comfortable and productive every day, no matter where you are and no matter how you like to work.
  • We have diversity and inclusion in our DNA and believe in building an environment where everyone feels welcomed and respected for who they are. We are committed to a discrimination-free employment opportunity and are particularly looking forward to talk to candidates from under-represented or under-privileged groups and communities.

Role overview

We’re looking to extend our current team with an experienced frontend engineer with lots of curiosity and drive to get their hands dirty also with our backend.

We are constantly evolving our platform with new features and this offers a wide range of learning opportunities. You’ll be taking ownership together with the rest of the team for bringing the platform to its many next levels!

Our team is fully remote and we are not particular about where you live or which working hours you adopt, but we’d prefer it if you live within ±2 hrs of the CET timezone. This is to make sure there is enough overlap for collaboration to happen.

For this role, depending on your experience and background, we are ready to offer a salary within a range of 60k – 75k € p.a.

About you

  • You have worked in the past with mid-to-big sized, non trivial frontend applications and are comfortable working with TypeScript, React and its ecosystem
  • Even if it’s not your strongest area of expertise, you can reason about backend code and technologies and are not afraid to contribute to it
  • You care a lot for architectures that can evolve over time, and always look to implement solutions that follow the general engineering rules of good design without overcomplicating them
  • You care about quality and always think critically about its tradeoff with implementation speed to find the right balance
  • You enjoy building new features from scratch and being involved from design to shipping but also iterating with customers, and you bring constructive opinions in each phase of development
  • You love to learn and to share knowledge with others, being it by code pairing, reviewing solutions or just by answering questions about your opinions
  • You are a genuine, open-minded and humble person, and make sure your team is on board with your ideas and that nobody is left behind

Interview process

We want to get to know you, hear about what you’re passionate about, learn about your plans in the future. But we also want you to get to know us the same way.

Meet us and learn about Trana

You’ll first talk to our Head of Engineering Stefano (video) and won’t need to prepare anything in advance. The goal is to get to know you and explore if we might be a good fit for each other. You’ll learn about Trana and have a chance to ask any questions about our company, team culture, and product.

Stefano will also dive a bit deeper into your background: the experiences you made, problems you solved, lessons you learnt. It will be a two-way conversation and there won’t be quizzes or out-of-the-blue tricky, canned questions.

It’s primarily to get a better feel for your experience, your work ethics and mindset, and how we could mutually help each other in getting better at what we do.

Meet more people

In case we mutually decide to go further in the process, you’ll meet our founder Felix and get to know other people from Trana. We love to connect and it will make your onboarding more fun if you can already put a face to all the names you’ve heard about during the process.

Let’s jam together

As a final step we’d love to have a live pairing session where we’ll work through some problems together.

This will help you get a better understanding of how we work and we will have the chance to see your skills at play!

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