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Senior Software Engineer

Workit Spaces - Australia
Salary: $140-160k
Posted: 4 months ago

We’re building a cloud based platform for eCommerce businesses.

SKUtopia integrates with eCommerce storefronts (Shopify, WooCommerce, etc) and manages orders, inventory tracking, warehousing, and distribution. We're also deploying Australia's first automated micro-fulfilment centre! Using robotics, computer vision, and great software we're giving eCommerce merchants the ability to compete on even footing against the likes of Amazon.

If you have spent your career wondering when you will ever get to apply Dijkstra's algorithm, Little's Law, combinatorial algorithms, and why you had to read "Introduction to Algorithms" for Computer Science when so far your entire career has been re-writing almost identical CRUD apps over and over, now you can stop wondering.

This is your chance to face some real challenges in a business where solving NP-Hard problems is your day to day and business critical, not just part of the interview process.

Right now, we’re scaling up the team and looking for Software Engineers to join us. You’ll need to have at least a few years of experience under your belt and be comfortable with our tech stack, but we’re keen to chat if you think we might be a good fit for each other. 

What we’re working with

We’re working with Node, React, TypeScript, GraphQL. We're using GCP for cloud, but most of the team had previous experience with AWS and have found it pretty easy to get up to speed. 

There’s some interesting work for the robotics in micro-fulfilment, and also data engineering and MLOps challenges, if you’re interested in exploring that. 

Whilst it's a fast-paced, high-growth environment, we aren’t sacrificing quality and are committed to building things right. That means following best practices around TDD, CI/CD, etc

Right now, we're looking for senior software engineers to join us. For these roles, we have a salary range of $140,000 to $160,000 + superannuation. 

How we work

We follow Scrum, with a daily stand up at 11.45 am (AEDT) and 2 week sprints. Most of the team work from home, and we trust you to manage your time - if you’re getting your work done and you’re most productive at 8pm, that’s fine by us. We are collaborative and communicative though, so if you need help, or can help someone else, then we expect you to reach out. 

We keep track of what’s happening with Jira and Confluence, and use Slack and Google Meet to stay in touch, and try and limit unnecessary meetings. 

We have a fortnightly all hands business update, and make sure we find opportunities to call out great work, and celebrate our wins. 

If you’re in Sydney, you’re welcome to work from our (beautiful, dog friendly) office in Alexandria, otherwise WFH anywhere in Australia, or we can chat about coworking spaces if that’s what suits you best. 

Career progression

It’s really important to us that we take the time to understand your goals and give you an environment where you can learn, with clarity about what progression looks like (and how you can increase your salary!). 

We make it really clear what you need to do to move up, for e.g. from a senior to a lead role, and we’ve got paths that give you opportunities to either stay technically hands on, or progress into people leadership roles. 

We’re forecasting serious growth in the business over the next couple of years, so we’re confident that there will be plenty of challenges and opportunities to develop your skills. It’s definitely not going to be boring! 

Recruitment process

If you’re keen to find out more, get in touch via the link.

If you don’t have a CV to hand, a link to your LinkedIn profile or other online presence is absolutely fine. 

You’ll have a quick chat with our recruitment team, followed by a technical interview (including live coding), and then a final interview that talks through your career history. It’s a two way process though, so we’ll take the time to tell you more about the role and team, and answer all your questions, and schedule additional chats if necessary. 


  • Technically challenging role with a level of complexity that we don’t think you’ll get in many other places
  • Node.js, React.js, TypeScript, GraphQL, GCP
  • Our salary range for this role is $140-160,000 + superannuation (roughly!)
  • Sensible, trust first, approach to getting work done
  • Work from anywhere in Australia, or our office in Sydney
  • High growth environment where we aren’t sacrificing quality
  • Defined paths and plenty of opportunities for career progression
  • Ping us your CV/LinkedIn profile/whatever tells us enough about you to get the conversation started
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