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Graphic Designer

Posted: 5 months ago

The Graphic Designer is a role that will have exposure to and a direct impact on many aspects of our company. We're growing quickly so running a lean and effective operation is critical. You'll be creating all graphic designs for the business across multiple sales and marketing channels. Some projects you’d start with include: designing Amazon product pages, creating visually compelling ads for Facebook/Instagram, email designs, and more.

About HumanCentric

HumanCentric was founded in 2015 and is a profitable, high-growth, eCommerce brand. We design products that help our customers optimize their businesses and home offices to create a well-designed and comfortable space for both work and play. We ship hundreds of orders each day to customers around the world, and are run by a small and driven team who makes it all come together.

Who we're looking for:

To be a great fit for this job, you must have:

  • Passion and and inspiring vision for all things graphic design
  • Exceptional and technical design skills and experience with Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Familiarity designing for brand marketing and being able to conceptualize creative campaigns to execute a cohesive aesthetic that will work across multiple mediums such as web, print, social and/or email (with motion graphic knowledge).
  • Extremely effective working with other members of the HumanCentric team, especially with the Social Media Manager to help strategize and conceptualize content for organic outreach.
  • Great collaboration skills and be open to design direction and receiving feedback
  • A desire to learn new platforms and techniques.
  • A well-rounded portfolio of past design work.
  • The ability to work both quickly and methodically. You create tremendous amounts of accurate, finished work much faster than other people you work with.
  • Impeccable communication and project management skills. You don't miss a deadline and know how to make sure that everything gets done across dozens of concurrent projects.
  • Extremely good organizational skills and careful attention to detail. You can sense when something doesn't seem right, and you know how to dive in and fix it.
  • High degree of verbal professionalism, capable of representing yourself and the company in articulate & fluent English.

Had you been with us last month, you would have...

  • Designed our Amazon Brand store as well as a dozen Amazon product pages
  • Designed product labels in collaboration with our product team
  • Drafted and iterated on current brand guidelines working closely with CMO and CEO
  • Designed email drip campaign layouts as well as newsletter layouts
  • Designed Landing Page layouts for our website
  • Designed several sets of digital ads for Facebook, Instagram and Google both motion oriented and still ads

If you work with us, within the next two years it’s likely that you’ll:

  • Significantly impact the brand aesthetic and strategy through visuals
  • Design hundreds of visuals
  • Learn about E-Commerce and Marketplace business strategy

Qualities that will make you a good fit for HumanCentric

  • Technology Fluency. You can learn a new application faster than almost anyone around you.
  • Independence and Efficiency. You get things done faster than your peers, and are always improving your execution. You have the right information at your fingertips because you planned in advance. You can independently manage a huge backlog by identifying actions from high-level objectives and prioritizing intelligently. You follow through on all your commitments, on time.
  • Humility. If it’s part of running and building the business, nothing is outside your job description. And that’s something you value and appreciate.
  • Respect. We treat customers, vendors, and each other with tremendous respect and sincere appreciation. They are people first, and business partners second.
  • Balanced Intensity. You approach your work with intensity, but you're an easy person to be around.
  • Clear Communication. Clear, concise, and professional written and verbal communication skills. You get your point across effectively and know how to focus on the right things.


  • Flexible hours (you can work in your own timezone)
  • All local holidays paid
  • Awesome, flexible paid vacation policy
  • Work closely with a small, experienced team and gain exposure to all aspects of running a global products company and eCommerce brand
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