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IWD Agency - US
Posted: a year ago

We are an award-winning eCommerce agency located in the heart of downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We special in eCommerce websites and custom development. Our expert team of eCommerce specialists provides quality eCommerce, B2B, and marketing solutions for brands looking to expand their online presence. We work with Brands local and worldwide. Our main goal is to take Brands to the next level of online success.

About Position

We are looking for a UX Designer who will be up to the challenge of working on eCommerce sites in their day-to-day. Whether it is mocking up the initial design or taking the initial design and applying it to the rest of the pages for a client to see visually. If not working on client work then working on internal brand and tools - premade wireframes, updating our website, marketing materials for our brand, etc.

Our ideal candidate will have some type of website design experience and be willing to learn quickly. They need to be a perfectionist when it comes to following grids, style guides, and client/creative director direction.

Over the past couple of years, IWD has been rapidly growing and changing. We need someone who is willing to learn, move quickly, and grow with IWD. If your passion is not working with user experience and learning the best practices for designing online then this is not the job for you.

UX Designer responsibilities are:

  • Work on mock-ups of eCommerce websites and tools
  • Analyze and meet product specifications and user expectations
  • Perform concept and usability testing and gather feedback
  • Build wireframes around team/customer needs
  • Able to come up with creative solutions for UX problems
  • Collaborate with developers and creative lead on the direction of the project
  • Able to work with style guides to further design the site so it is cohesive
  • Able to put a clients design style before your own
  • Able to utilize web-based practices when designing

UX Designer requirements are:

  • Excellent knowledge of web design / graphics
  • Strong communication skills and interpretation skills when it comes to talking design needs with team and client.
  • Excellent skills in Adobe Creative Suite (AdobeXD is our main tool of trade)

A Huge Plus if:

  • If you have knowledge of HTML/CSS
  • Worked on eCommerce Sites, or familiar with the platforms
  • Familiar with email marketing (mailchimp, klayvio, or others)
  • Worked with YouTube production of videos
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