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UX/UI Designer

Winter International LLC - US
Posted: 4 months ago

We are Traction Tools—the first officially licensed software for companies running on the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, aka EOS®. Our SaaS platform helps companies running on the EOS® get the most out of their business—from tracking to-dos and analyzing data to running meetings. Traction® Tools is one of the many companies within Winter International LLC. And, while you’ll be working for Traction® Tools, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to connect with the rest of our Winter International LLC team. This position is 100% remote, actually our entire company is fully remote.

About the role

We are looking to hire a Sr UX/UI Designer who will first and foremost, understand our user’s needs, desires, and behaviors. You’ll be expected to create wireframes and prototypes that show how a new feature or product will function. You think strategically but know how to deliver value to our users in small increments. These will be refined through internal and external feedback to ensure user and business goals are met. You will then bring the wireframes to life. After a release of a feature, you’ll measure and dissect user behavior to understand what’s working and what’s not. With this understanding you’ll provide recommendations to further iterate and refine the user experience.

  • Solve user problems from start to finish. Conduct user research, collaborate with teammates to ideate, deliver polished UI, and measure results
  • Facilitate and bridge the gap in conversations that span engineering, product management, UX, marketing, support, sales, and the leadership team to help achieve business goals.
  • Collaborate with designers and cross-functional team members to create a more user-centric organization.
  • Understand and articulate the information architecture, workflows, and processes surrounding the user experience.
  • Incorporate data gathered through user research, client support, and sales to ensure the customer’s voice is incorporated into the designs.
  • Quickly and thoughtfully incorporate team feedback into designs.

What we look for

  • 3+ years of experience in a UX/UI designer or similar role, preferably in a SaaS company.
  • A portfolio that highlights your ability to take concepts & turn them into highly usable, beautiful designs that achieve the desired user and business goals.
  • Excellent communication skills to help set up frameworks and brainstorm initial design concepts. Also instrumental is the ability to speak confidently to your own design work and convince others of your reasoning.
  • Strong people-focused design mentality and want to design and build products/features that truly have a meaningful impact.
  • Keen eye for aesthetics.
  • A natural inclination to always think MVP first and RAT.
  • Analytical and creative: able to grasp user needs, solve their problems by bringing the solutions to life.
  • Experience conducting and analyzing user research.
  • Detail oriented.
  • Critical thinker and creative problem solver.
  • Adhere to style standards.
  • Optimize existing user interface designs.
  • Take a complicated workflow and turn it into a delightful experience.
  • Experience prototyping features
  • Experience shipping high quality designs.
  • Knowledge how to test designs for intuitivity and experience. (Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, meaning you have the ability to discuss and explain design options. You also have the ability to talk to customers and understand their pain points.)
  • Responsive to deadlines
  • Works well in fast paced environments
  • Loves to be challenged by enterprise-grade problems.
  • Have experience working with smaller teams, especially in a remote setting.
  • Is VERY passionate about every small detail in a product and always dedicated to improving their craft.

Experience with:

  • Adobe XD Figma
  • Different research and testing tools and Azure (used for project management)

Bonus if you:

  • Knowledge in HTML5 & CSS3
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat
  • You already know about EOS and are familiar with Traction Tools.

About you

Enough about us. The perfect fit for our team is…

  • A team player. You have no problem rolling up your sleeves to help out a colleague.
  • Friendly. You have a great attitude that lends itself to teamwork.
  • Motivated. You go the extra mile because, for you, the bare minimum isn’t an option.
  • An early adopter. You’re not intimidated by the latest tech. In fact, you love it!
  • Organized. You stay on top of projects, and things rarely fall through the cracks.
  • An optimizer. You are constantly looking for a better way to get things done, and you like sharing your ideas.
  • Inquisitive. You love asking questions (specifically, “why?”).

The hiring process

We take our hiring very seriously—and we hire equally for ability as we do culture fit. The last thing we want is for you to land a job you’re not happy or excited about. That’s not good for you, and it wouldn’t be good for us, either. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect from our hiring process. Please note steps may vary slightly depending on the position.

  • Step one: Interview with your direct supervisor.
  • Step two: Technical interview
  • Step three: Cultural interview

During the interview process, we’ll also ask you to take the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™. The Predictive Index measures your most natural behavioral tendencies and overall learning ability. It is not used as a disqualification tool, but rather a way to help us understand overall job fit, create unique interview questions based around your preferences, and ultimately create a better onboarding experience if you inevitably join our team.

Who we are

At every level, we’re committed to having a culture that rocks. Our team is the most valuable asset we have, and we’re proud to be a diverse, international and passionate group of people. We live and breathe honesty, kindness, helpfulness, continual learning and creative problem-solving. All while being 100% remote! Around the office (i.e. our Zoom rooms), you’ll hear the word “transparency” a lot, and for a good reason; we believe in radical candor. That is, we believe that honesty, openness and empathy are just as powerful as a hard skill set, and we live that belief at every level of our organization.

UX/UI and Design