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Senior Product Designer

vidIQ - US
Posted: 4 months ago

vidIQ’s mission is to advance the creator's journey with actionable data-driven insights. We pursue this through our values of being creator obsessed, lean and fast, and being scientific. We have already helped millions of creators take their channels to the next level, and are currently helping more than a million creators every week succeed.

What will I be doing?

  • Work closely with your squad Product Manager to work through design problems from beginning to end: translating research insights into ideas that form new products and features, then designing the workflows and detailed interactions to realize them.
  • Iterate on learnings from what’s shipped before to improve the product
  • Help maintain and evolve the Product’s Design System
  • Take part in design reviews and collaborate with other designers to make their work and the whole design team better.
  • Sketch and prototype ideas to quickly access viability, and design the fine-grained details of interactions
  • Work closely with engineers as they build and ship ideas

Job requirements

  • Experience in designing and shipping SaaS products
  • Experience in working with and maintaining a Product Design System
  • Experience in thinking in flows and understanding how features connect in the user's experience.
  • The ability to create beautiful high-fidelity mockups of your designs using Figma, Sketch, etc
  • The ability to create prototypes using Framer, Keynote, HTML/CSS/JS, etc
  • Excellent communicator of design work and your rationale behind proposals
  • Excellent self-starter who can deeply collaborate with engineers

We’re looking for a portfolio that focuses on the thinking behind the problems you were tackling and the techniques you use to create a solution that fits the user's needs and situations as well as the final result that shipped and the impact on the business. Your experience should ideally focus on designing software products.

Bonus points

  • Have a YouTube channel, or participate in the Creator Economy.
  • Experience with taking part in user research
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and experience creating a company
UX/UI and Design