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Advantages of working remotely

Remote work is the dream for many developers - and rightfully so. There are many benefits for the employees. But also for the employer. This is a list of the many potential advantages of remote work for both the company and the worker. And we are sure there are many more specific to you!

Benefits for the company

Top advantages for a company by allowing remote work.

1. Saving office space costs

Rent is always a big cost for companies and with remote work you can save the money for something better. You can't fully save all spendings on office equipment since offering office equipment to employees working from home should be a given.

2. Attract talent from anywhere

Are you having a hard time filling a position? Maybe remote work is the solution. Who says all employees should live in the same area? If the best candidate is living in another city or country he/she should get the offer. Allow employees to work from home and attract more and better candidates. Location should no longer be a limitation.

3. Effective meetings

You can quickly and easily set up a video call with any number of people and for video calls people actually seem to be more punctual. Also video calls tend to be more on point and done-with much faster. That way any attendee can quickly get back to productive work. Most video call software also allows for easy sharing and collaboration on documents or presentations.

Benefits for the employee

Top advantages for an employee working remotely.

1. Flexible schedule

Often working remotely always gives you a more flexible schedule. It's about getting the job done and not when and where. If you are more productive in the evening, then maybe it will be possible to work at that time instead.

2. No commute

Tired of spending hours each day commuting to work? Who isn't?! Work from home and use that time to be productive instead. Those valuable hours on the road could be spent with friends and family instead.

3. Work from anywhere

It rarely matters where you are working when working remotely. Are you at home? Travelling? To your boss that mostly doesn't matter. Work at home, at a coffee shop, by the beach. It is up to you. You just need to get the job done.

4. Focused work

You no longer need to sit for 8 hours straight with your headphones on to get some focused work done. At home you are no longer distracted by coworkers and pointless meetings. You set your boundaries for when you want to do a concentrated work session or when you are open for chatting with coworkers.

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