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Senior Solidity Developer

DXdao - Remote, Portugal
Posted: a year ago

DXdao is building a suite of Web3 products. As such, it heavily relies on the technical expertise of solidity developers with strong knowledge of building on top of Ethereum. We are looking for a Senior Solidity Developer to join us on our multi-chain, AMM Swapr!

What you should be interested in doing:

  • Building the next generation of DeFi products.
  • Working on the cutting edge of decentralization.
  • Contributing to a distributed, consensus based, and on chain organization.
  • Creating unique solutions to dApp specific user experience challenges.
  • Researching into new areas around DeFi space and experiment how these could be integrated towards Swapr / DXdao ecosystem.
  • Designing, implementing, testing, and auditing protocol upgrades and additions.
  • Driving high-level decisions about Swapr protocol architecture, features, quality standards, and best practices.

Core responsibilities on Swapr:

  • Define, prioritise and lead smart contracts roadmap.
  • Discover, architect and implement tech stack that will yield competitive advantage and ensure a stable and scalable product.
  • Identify opportunities and risk in the ecosystem and propose initiatives.
  • Drive the design, development, and implementation of new Swapr features.
  • Coordinate deployment and expansion of Swapr on new EVM networks.
  • Lead ongoing technical initiatives around bringing value to SWPR token
  • Smart contract related operations.

We are looking for:

  • A DAO/DeFi enthusiast who wants to build open source decentralized applications focused on financial freedom and privacy.
  • An independent, self-starter who is comfortable working in a fast-paced environment.
  • Someone with extensive experience in solidity (ideally +2 years) and in deploying AMMs.
  • A contributor with excellent written and verbal communication skills and can collaborate effectively on a breadth of technical topics.
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