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Metomic - UK
Posted: 9 months ago

Over the last ten years, SaaS has changed the way we work — for the better. Slack instead of email. Miro instead of sticky notes. Airtable instead of Excel. SaaS is helping tech companies move so much faster, but it’s also introducing a new surface area of risk they’ve never seen before. The risk of leaking sensitive data. As a result, companies are faced with answering the difficult question of how to manage compounding security risks as they grow without introducing more red tape that slows their team down.

At Metomic, we help companies protect sensitive data in SaaS applications like Slack, Google Drive and Zendesk.

Our technology connects to SaaS applications, detects the most critical sensitive data risks, and put automated policies in place to ensure these risks don’t happen again in the future.This liberates tech companies to make full use of their favourite SaaS apps whilst Metomic takes care of all the security risks behind the scenes.

After launching our product in April 2021, we now count some of the world’s most innovative companies as customers, such as Zego, Octopus Energy and . In 2023 we raised a $20m Series A round led by Evolution Equity and backed by other investors such Connect (investors in CityMapper, Typeform, Marvel), LocalGlobe (Improbable, Figma, Zego) and RFC (Hopin, Clubhouse, On Deck, etc).

Engineering Team

As we continue to change the way companies deal with their sensitive data, our Engineering Team (currently 8 strong) is growing and we’re looking to welcome Software Engineers, either back-end or full-stack, to our team to be part of this journey.

Some of the areas you may be working on: Our sensitive data and classification engine, building systems to allow us to process billions of messages a day, data ingest pipelines, sensitive data remediation system, risk identification and ranking engines and alerting systems.

Our back-end services are written in Typescript and make extensive use of Kafka, GraphQL and Postgres. Our front-end is written in React/TypeScript. Our house style is grounded in functional programming principles. We use AWS ECS Fargate via github actions and Terraform to deploy to production multiple times a day.


  • Product-minded and pragmatic engineers - Front of mind for you is thinking through what the best solution is for the problem the customer is facing. You’ll be given a lot of autonomy to explore solutions from what we build, how it’s designed and what technologies we use.
  • Problem-solvers - We’re facing a lot of previously uncharted territory and with that a set of new and unseen challenges. You’re not one to shy away from tackling these sorts of problems. You’ll think through not just how to solve a problem, but what caused the problem in the first place and how we can make improvements to prevent similar problems in the future.
  • One eye on now, one eye on what’s next - Our engineers have a passion for bringing to life distributed systems and scalable and robust architectures. You’ll have a huge role in coming up with how the system will evolve from an architecture and engineering standpoint.
  • Culture contributors - We’re a small, close-knit team and recognise the importance of our culture as we continue to grow. You’ll be pivotal in helping shape the early stages and building a team platform that we can grow from.

Our recruitment process

We know your time is important and want to make sure our recruitment process provides both of us a really authentic and meaningful insight into what it would be like working together, so we’re planning on the following stages:

  • Screening (30 mins) This will focus on your motivations and interests, your journey to date and some of the experiences you’ve had, along with a chance to share more about Metomic and the Engineering Team.
  • Hiring Manager IV (45 mins) This will focus on your technical experience, goals whilst sharing more about the engineering team and company. At this stage we will also ask technical questions to get a feel for your competency and see where you best fit.
  • Coding IV (1 hour) - You will pair with one of our Software Engineers to work through a Search API challenge. This will also involve some discussion about your experience and a chance to ask questions about our Engineering team and challenges.
  • System Design IV (1 hour) - You will meet 1-2 other members of the Engineering team and work together in a whiteboard systems design activity.
  • Behaviour IV (45 mins) - Here we will asses whether we will be a fit for each other from a cultural perspective. We will be asking questions to assess collaboration, communication and general team fit.

We encourage applications from all backgrounds, communities and industries and we are happy to discuss any reasonable adjustments that you require.

Life as a Metonaut

  • Remote Working - We’re remote-friendly and also have a flexible coworking subscription which you can use at any time
  • Our success is your success, so you’ll receive equity in Metomic (under our tax-efficient EMI options scheme).
  • Private Health Insurance - Enrolled from Day 1 through Vitality, for when life happens
  • Holiday Leave - 25 days holiday leave, excluding bank holidays
  • End of Year Break - At the end of each year we close for 2 weeks to allow for a meaningful break for our people. This break is fully paid and in addition to Holiday Leave
  • Learning Budget - £750 per year to invest in your growth
  • WFH Budget - £400 one-off contribution to your home office
  • Unforgettable events - Annual team trip away (previous years have been a castle near Marseille, a penthouse in Lisbon, and a farm in South Downs, UK
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