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Senior Web Engineer

Ably - UK
Posted: 3 months ago

Our everyday digital experiences are in the midst of a realtime revolution. Whether attending an event in a virtual venue, receiving realtime financial information, or working with colleagues in an online collaborative environment - consumers simply expect realtime digital experiences as standard. At Ably we’re not just witnessing this revolution - we’re powering it.

At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to putting developers first. Ably provides a suite of APIs to build, extend, and deliver powerful digital experiences in realtime, delivering billions of messages for millions of devices every day and supporting organizations like Split, Hubspot, Toyota and Genius Sports.

Working at Ably means helping to build the infrastructure and technology that will power and shape the future of the internet. The opportunity in front of us is immense. And we’d like your help.

About this role

You will be responsible for helping shape the future of our frontends, making decisions that have a long lasting impact by building and delivering improvements and new features to our documentation, customer dashboards, and internal tools.

You’ll be working closely with our Product and Design teams towards achieving the strategic goals of the company, with a core focus on improving the journey for developers who sign up to using Ably. You’ll also work with people all across Ably as the projects we work on touch many different parts of the company.

Day to day you will

  • Create real value for Ably. You’ll be a key member of the Web team, contributing to strategic initiatives that drive developers to the Ably website, as well as increase sign ups and engagement over time.
  • Deliver quality code. You’ll be hands-on with development to build and deliver improvements and new features to Ably’s customer-facing and internal frontends.
  • Level up your team. You’ll be helping steer the direction of our frontends, including our component library, used by multiple teams to deliver a consistent identity for Ably no matter where people see us online.
  • Collaborate effectively. You’ll be working closely with our Product & Design teams towards achieving the strategic goals of the company. You’ll also work with people all across Ably as the projects we work on touch many different parts of the company.
  • Focus on continual improvement. Whether it’s deliberately refactoring code to make our lives easier or updating our processes to be more effective, you’ll work to improve frontend development through improved engineering practices.
  • Develop effective testing strategies. You’ll be expected to test your own work, leaning on automation as much as possible. You’ll constantly influence how we can improve our testing setup, helping the team unlock more potential along the way. When needed you’ll walk your team members and stakeholders through how to best test your work before it goes into production.

We'd love to hear from you if you have

  • Strong HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills, including knowledge of modern frameworks such as React, Gatsby & TailwindCSS.
  • Experience with designing and implementing frontend architectures, like component libraries, SPA’s, and server-side rendered applications.
  • A full-stack mindset and experience building full-stack applications with CI/CD, as well as understand and promote the importance of the latter.
  • Experience building and/or working with a component library.
  • Experience with writing automated tests for software with tools like Jest or Cypress.
  • Cross-functional team experience. You have worked closely with designers and product managers in short, effective feedback loops.
  • A solid grasp of Agile, Kanban and SCRUM principles and experience working with stakeholders to create and manage backlogs and delivery of work.
  • Experience in dynamic, early stage startups where adaptability and resourcefulness are crucial.
  • A transparent and collaborative “build in the open” mindset.

It would be great, but not essential if you have

  • Experience delivering developer-focussed products or services.
  • Experience with products or services that are brought to market primarily through a product led growth approach.
  • Experience with Ruby on Rails, or working with Ruby on Rails developers.
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