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Posted: a year ago

Poetic Location

Poets can be Anywhere! This role can be U.S. REMOTE (i.e., anywhere in the U.S. with occasional travel to visit our Houston Office) OR based entirely out of our wonderful Houston, TX Office (hint: Amazing coffee & camaraderie) or even HYBRID in the Houston area.

Poetic Culture

We believe a thriving culture is about good people you rely on and working with them toward a common goal.‍ Our culture is the main reason we consider ourselves a truly exceptional company, and it's our people who shape and grow it.

We believe unhappy employees != happy clients, so we support our team with flexibility, benefits including 401K matching, and frequent social events. We also offer a recently updated, excellent compensation package, flexible PTO, the latest Apple laptops, and all the free gourmet coffee you can drink. We have frequent social events, office lunches and breakfast, and personal enrichment opportunities. We also believe in creating a positive, inclusive and, most of all, fun, work environment. We want to encourage your growth. Currently, we work with a list of great clients including property management, green energy, manufacturing and real estate, and also a number of wonderful non-profits. You can feel good about the work you do at the end of the day. We have BIG expansion plans this year!

Poetic Job Description

Title: Developer, Full Stack, React/React Native (Web and Mobile) - Mid Level

This is a coding focused role as a mid-level developer.

So the basics: Are you a skilled developer with a hankering for React, React Native and Node? Typescript Fan? Can you work front end or back end as the need arises? Do you want to grow your career? Do you get annoyed by badly performing websites and badly designed apps? Can you speak about how your code works, in front of others? Are you willing to learn new technologies and work within an experienced team?

If you answered yes to many of the above questions, then this is a chance to lead a newly expanding development team, using the latest in web-dev (and mobile dev) technologies. You will work on multiple projects and get opportunities to work on both front and backend environments. If this sounds pretty close to what you want to do, go ahead and appl – you won’t regret it!

Poetic has an executive mandate to expand and innovate in web and mobile development in 2022, we want you to join our friendly, fast-paced and highly innovative tech team. Our creative and design agency focus means our apps and websites always follow a design-first philosophy..

Role Technical Skills and Experience Summary

Note: Not everything below is a must, but generally we are looking for:

  • Skills in either React or React Native (Ability to work on both Web and Mobile Projects)
  • 2-5 years of coding exp. (a little less is ok, but this is a mid-level role, not a junior role)
  • Node.js, TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML/CSS
  • Abile to build APIs – familiar with GraphQL a plus
  • Able learn and work in a remote friendly, modern mac based web-dev environment, with cloud based DevOps, Containers, Git tools (gitlab, GitHub), js package managers, linters, VSCode, Slack and Google Workspace based office collaboration tools.
  • Mobile development experience or willingness to learn
  • Unit Testing familiarity or experience
  • AWS Cloud experience or familiarity
  • Able to code a responsive front end from a Figma or other UI Design mockup
  • Agile/Scrum experience
  • SQL database skills
  • Good communication skills (you will be working with a distributed team so communication is important)
  • Time-management skills: able to work projects and make estimations about your work.
  • Willingness to learn and use other technologies as the need arises

Poetic Hiring Process

We don't want to waste your time, so we won’t quiz you on obscure interview questions, 'Leetcode' or crazy, hypothetical scenarios. We just want someone who can code and lead projects mainly with react and react native apps. We start with a screening call and then move on to a meeting where we assign you one, small, straightforward coding challenge that you can do on your own, we then give you ample time to finish it. Then, we schedule another meeting in which we do a detailed review on how and what you did asking you to explain your decision making, code, and thought process all designed to match a real-world work situation. If it all works out, we will provide a competitive offer, introduce you to our wider team, and get you started ASAP.

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